Wren Newman & Scot McKay – Three Workshop Series

A Zoom Live-Stream 3 Workshop Series

with Wren Newman and Scot McKay

Whether you have a partner or are sheltering in place alone or with your pet…  join us for 3 weeks of fun and challenge while we channel our inner Seabeck. There are no prerequisites for these workshops.  

Bio: Wren and Scot have been involved – together and separately – in partner dancing for over 15 years and have been teaching together for 5 years.  While West Coast Swing is their favorite social dance, their dancing/teaching repertoire includes Country 2-step, East Coast Swing, Nightclub 2-Step, Salsa, and more. Like everyone else, they can’t wait for the world to get back to dancing.

October 29th – Swing Triple Action!

We are going to spend the hour becoming very intimate with the triple step.  We will work on creating the perfect basic triple, and then find a thousand different ways to do a triple step.  We will give you a couple of 32 beats “dances” that you can practice on your own to get both the basic and the creative triples into your body.  Lots of music – lots of dancing – lots of fun….great for East or West Coast Swing…  triple the dancing pleasure.

November 5th- Technique made fun! We promise!!

We all love to dance but working on our technique always so sounds boring.  We promise to change that with an hour working on a technique that will not only help with all your dancing styles but all your day to day movement as well.   We will be working on balance, moving through time and space, and our posture and pitch.  And don’t worry – this is a dance class – we will still be dancing!

November 12th – West Coast Swing: Playing with the music 

This will be an hour of musicality and styling.  Show what you hear in the music!  Been learning all those line dances from Sean?  How can you put some of that movement into your WCS?  Haven’t taken those yet?  No worries…    We are going to work on truly playing with music.

This is a 3 workshop series including November 5th: Dance Technique November 12th: West Coast Swing Styling

  • Taking all 3?  The drills from week 1 are designed to show you where the phrasing is in the music which will help with week 3’s play……  the techniques from week 2 are designed to help you own your movement to effectively show your creativity and not negatively impact your partner. (When we can all start partner dancing again….)
  • Only taking 1 or 2?  No worries!  Each class has a stand-alone curriculum.  You don’t need to take them all to have fun and learn.

Prerequisites: None

Time: Thursday at 7-8 pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Instructor: Wren Newman & Scot McKay

Registration: Please click the links below to register. After registering via Eventbrite, they’ll send you an Order Confirmation email with the Zoom Meeting link at the very bottom of the email. Please scroll down to the bottom of that confirmation email to find the Zoom link!

Cost: Suggested registration fee of $10, but pay what you can. Registration fees go towards paying our staff and instructors. We, therefore, rely on your generous donations in order to underwrite various registration fees. Thank you. Click here


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