Sat. May 20- 3:30pm, Nightclub Two-Step

Nightclub Two-Step was first presented by legendary dance instructor, Buddy Schwimmer. It began with a Rock Step on a Quick, Quick. Since that time, creative dancers have come up with no less than five variations of the dance. No matter the version, it is inherently smooth and flowing.

Barry Douglas was one of the first instructors to teach Nightclub Two-Step from a Basic Box and a Slow/Quick/Quick/Slow rhythm pattern. The box transitions into lateral movements, which encourage you to travel effortlessly around the dance floor (that floating movement from side to side is sometimes called the “drift across”). “This is the version that Walter Dill and I have taught for the last decade, and is the focus of this workshop,” Janice points out. “We will integrate moves we “borrow” from other dances – including Waltz, Salsa, and Swing- and we’ll trust the creative energy each of us owns. The beauty of dance is that we play..we develop.we mix and match and we improve.”

The goal is to add to your dance tool kit. Whether the music is slow and dreamy or more upbeat, you can take a partner in your arms and get lost in the magic of this versatile dance.

Prerequisite: No prerequisite.

When: Saturday May 20, 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Location: Leif Erikson Hall,  2245 N W 57th St, Seattle 98107

Instructors: Janice Eklund.  Janice has taught dance with Walter Dill on Whidbey Island and at Port Townsend.  She is returning as an instructor at the 2017 Seabeck Dance Camp.


$30 for workshop at the door

$25 with advance registration for the workshop

If you register online prior to noon on Saturday the 20th, you will get the workshop, pre-dance lesson, and dance with Little Bill for $35. And if you are from outside of King County you will get an additional $5 off when you register for workshop and dance. (Vashon Island will get the special rate too)  Our way of recognizing the dancers who drive all the way to Seattle for our dances. Please scroll down to find all options for registering in advance.


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