Forrobodó-Rueda de Casino, Forro, and En Canto Band

Forrobodó, the full event includes both workshops and admission to the dance following.

Both workshops plus admission to listen/dance to En Canto. $35 preregistration, $40 at the door

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June 9th: Salsa in a Circle (Rueda de Casino)

Back by popular demand and to help us kick off our special workshop event “Forrobodo´” are Reinier Valdes and Daniela Gallardo of La Clave Cubana who will lead us in this energetic dance. Latin Salsa in a Circle (also known as Rueda de Casino in Cuba) is a two hour Salsa workshop that starts with paired off couples but then partners change as the dance progresses. There is a caller or leader (Rey) who calls out moves, while we remain dancing in a synchronized, circular fashion with others. It’s social, loads of fun, rhythmic and spirited. Come join us and get your Salsa going!

Prerequisites: Previous Salsa experience.

When: Sunday, June 9th, 3:30pm -5:30pm

Location: Swedish Club 1920 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, Wa. 98109. Free parking in three lots, including one across Dexter Ave. N

Instructors: Reinier Valdes and Daniela Gallardo of La Clave Cubana


Introduction to Forró

What is Forró? It is a widely popular Brazilian partner dance that is gaining momentum not only in Seattle but throughout the world. It’s got swing and is easy to follow plus it’s fun to learn! In this one hour workshop, Lara will provide the simple groundwork and will lead you into inventive and amorous turn patterns and variations in footwork and style. You can take what you learn and immediately practice it when the live Forró band En Canto takes the stage immediately following the workshop. Forrobodó!

Prerequisites: Partner dance experience

 When: Sunday, June 9th, 6-7pm

Location: Swedish Club 1920 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, Wa. 98109

Instructor: Lara Diniz of Forró in Seattle


En Canto

A multi-ethnic, female led seven-piece band can be best described as musicians and singers of world pop music. Their music commands attention and inspires movement by playing a combination of forró, samba and chord-inspired originals and redefined covers of definitive Brazilian hits. They are the premiere Forró band in Seattle and their original grooves found in their music is sure to make you dance. En Canto plays immediately after the Forró workshop from 7-9pm.

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