West Coast Swing Workshop Series on Sunday Evenings in March with Wren Newman & Scot McKay

A Zoom Live-Stream Dance Workshop Series

with Wren Newman

       Sunday Evening 4 Week Session in West Coast Swing

                            In the Month of March

   These are independently run workshops. Attend 1,2,3 or all 4!

March 7th: Back to Basics….Let’s Refresh!

The best way to move forward is to take a step back. We will be reviewing the basics of WCS. This will be an hour of working on the proper foundational movement of our basic patterns to create a solid foundation on which to build. While this class will be focused on a clean up of the basic patterns you should already know….a true beginner could give this a try to become acquainted with the patterns. However, we will be moving fast through 5 basic patterns, so beginners should join us to have fun – and not to become proficient. Prerequisites: Knowledge of WCS basics – or willingness to jump in with both feet

March 14th: Syncopations – Fun with Footwork

This week we will be taking our basic patterns and adding fancy footwork and syncopations. Let’s discover a bunch of ways to break the rules….just a little bit. We will revisit the triple step drill, (no worries if you missed it)!  We will get everyone doing it and enjoying it. If it’s your first time or if you have been drilling it in your kitchen every day….Prerequisites: Knowledge of WCS Basics – Sugar push, Sugar tuck, and side passes                           

March 21st: Macro vs Micro Musicality

Wait – What? We will spend this week working on musicality…. What is the difference between macro and micro, who is responsible for what, how do we incorporate it into our dance?  Lots of playing with music. On your own or with a partner, let’s discover how to show the music with our movements. Prerequisites: Knowledge of WCS Basics – Sugar push, Sugar tuck, and side passes

March 28th – Creating the Perfect Anchor and Stretch

We are going to work on that elusive “anchor” and that addictive “stretch” found in WCS.  Yes, we can do this even if we are dancing alone in our kitchen…                           


Prerequisites: Some WCS dance experience. Just one good pattern will do. Sugar push is great for this

Time: Sundays in March at 7-8 PM PST

Location: Online via Zoom

Instructor: Wren Newman & Scot McKay

Registration: After registering via Eventbrite, they’ll send you an Order Confirmation email with the Zoom Meeting link at the very bottom of the email. Please scroll down to the bottom of that confirmation email to find the Zoom link!

Cost: Suggested registration fee of $10, but pay what you can. Registration fees go towards paying our staff and instructors. We, therefore, rely on your generous donations in order to underwrite various registration fees. Thank you. Click here

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