January 28: Solo Waltz Movement with Guy Caridi

A Zoom Live Stream Dance Workshop

with Guy Caridi

Guy is back with another solo dance workshop to get you moving and having fun, all while enhancing your dance skills.  Tonight, we play with waltz rhythms!  Music in three-four time can feel empowering, soothing, or meditative, whether an anthem, lullaby, or ballad.  The short sequences typically taught by Guy are simple yet satisfying for dancers at any skill level. Come, let’s dance!

Time: Thursday, January 28th at 7-8 PM PST

Location: Online via Zoom

Instructor: Guy Caridi

Registration: Please click here to register. After registering via Eventbrite, they’ll send you an Order Confirmation email with the Zoom Meeting link at the very bottom of the email. Please scroll down to the bottom of that confirmation email to find the Zoom link!

Cost: Suggested registration fee of $10, but pay what you can. Registration fees go towards paying our staff and instructors. We, therefore, rely on your generous donations in order to underwrite various registration fees. Thank you. Click here

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