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NWDN – Fall 1 & 2 Workshops 2021

Fall 1: (9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10)

September 12th

OMG!  We are dancing again! West Coast WHAT? with Wren Newman & Scot McKay

 Dance me, Fix me” for West Coast Swing

Feeling a bit rusty? Whether you have been dancing or not, with a partner or not, Wren and Scot would love to see all of you in the room as we try to remember what West Coast Swing dancing is.

This will be a workshop of dance me, fix me”, and learning new moves. Wren and Scot will watch you dance a few songs, then they will customize the two hours for whatever they see on the floor, whether it be combining new moves and patterns or polishing up the old. Wren and Scot will work on connection, compression, stretch, old and new patterns, whips, tucks, and more. There will be something for everyone. Bring your questions!  Prerequisite: basic knowledge of WCS. Know how to do a push, a pass, a tuck and a whip.


September 19th 

Cha Cha with Reinier Valdes & Daniela Gallardo

Cha Cha is a lively, fun, cheeky and playful dance. It is a non-progressive dance that emphasizes Cuban motion, distinguished by the chasses (chachacha). Let Rey and Daniela show you how much fun this dance can be with its syncopated steps and many open movements by introducing you to various movements that add energy and panache to your Cha Cha. You’ll learn first hand why this dance is so fascinating and versatile as it 

can be danced to many types of music. Prerequisite: Comfort with Cha Cha basics and partner/dance experience.


September 26th



October 3rd 

An Intro to Traveling Waltz with Lilli Ann Carey & Igor Laryuhkin

 Waltz is a beautiful romantic music and a dance. Some say they dance a style of dance for the dance, some say they dance for the music — Waltzers dance for both. The music variety is endless from traditional to contemporary. Lilli Ann and Igor will give you a taste of basic backing moves as well as adding handy and useful crossing figures. No need to sit out those wonderful waltzes at dances or weddings. Prerequisites: None

October 10th

Nightclub 2-Step with Sean Donovan & Cathy Footer

Wonderfully smooth and with a versatile, fundamental rhythm, NC2S is popular around Seattle and throughout the dance world. Created by the great Buddy Schwimmer, this sweet dance is suited to a lovely variety of musical styles including Country, R&B, and Pop. We’ll start with an accelerated review of the basic and its variations, then cover a fun repertoire of moves and combinations. Prerequisite: Any level 2 class and/or NC2S dance experience.

*Class Party 10/13


Fall 2: (10/24, 10/31, no 11/7, 11/14, 11/21, 11/28)

October 24th 

Swingin’ Styling – take your basic swing steps to another level –  with Mark Kihara

Mark Kihara of Swing it Seattle is joining us and we are excited! Mark will show us how to style some basic swing shapes (tuck turns, etc.) in classic & innovative ways, both individually and with a partner. Not a workshop to miss. Prerequisite: Confidence with triple-time swing at moderate tempos (125-145 beats per minute)


October 31st 

Halloween Tricks and Treats for West Coast Swing with Wren Newman & Scot McKay 

Join Wren and Scot for an evening of Halloween WCS fun: rides and slides; sits and dips; maybe a drop or two. They’ll show you tricks that look hard but that are actually just illusions once you know how they work. All moves will be taught geared toward all levels of trust and mobility. 

  • Follows: Wren and Scot will teach you how and when to do a trick move and how to politely decline it, both on-the-fly and non-verbally. Additionally, you will learn how much of your weight and momentum is okay to transfer to your partner without injuring their back.
  • Leads: Wren and Scot will teach you how to know if your follows are willing and able to do a trick move BEFORE you are too committed to the move.

They will discuss what not to do as well as what to do to be successful. All moves will be safe—we will not be doing any advanced lifts, drops, or aerials; no one will be required to try everything. Prerequisite: You must be comfortable with basic WCS moves. (This is definitely not for someone who has never danced WCS before. Leading a basic pattern correctly is a requirement for getting into and out of a safe and successful trick. 


November 14th

Intro to Cross-Step Waltz with Lilli Ann Carey & Igor Laryuhkin

In this workshop Lilli Ann and Igor will explore the elegant and playful waltz form called Cross-Step. This variation is particularly beautiful for slower tunes and will add a delightful flowing style to your repertoire. Endlessly creative, it also syncs seamlessly to beginning waltz moves. Prerequisite: Comfort with Waltz 1 basics and one another style of partner dance.

November 21st

Bhangra: Rhythms of India


November 28th 


*Class Party 12/1