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  • When: All sessions run on Sundays, from 6 to 8 pm
  • Location: Swedish Club, 1920 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
  • Parking: there is upper and lower level parking available which is adjacent to the Swedish Club and additional parking is available across the street.
  • Payment: $25 Early Registration, or $35 at the door payable by cash or check.
  • COVID Requirements: mask & proof of vaccination required

Fall 1 & 2 Workshops 2021

Fall 1: (9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10)

September 19th (6:15 pm start)

Foxtrot Fun with Lilli Ann Carey and Claire Carey

Janice and Dean are passionate about teaching Foxtrot, and their workshops focus on two key elements: essential technique and elegant moves. They insist “technique” is just another word for styling and, whatever you call it, the styling of this dance is what makes Foxtrot Foxtrot: Those elegant moves we all want grow directly from attention to technique first. So expect to improve your technique as you add classy moves to your repertoire. Prerequisites: Not a beginner class. Familiarity with basic Foxtrot is expected.

September 26th

Cha Cha with Reinier Valdes & Daniela Gallardo

Cha Cha is a lively, fun, cheeky and playful dance. It is a non-progressive dance that emphasizes Cuban motion, distinguished by the chasses (chachacha). Let Rey and Daniela show you how much fun this dance can be with its syncopated steps and many open movements by introducing you to various movements that add energy and panache to your Cha Cha. You’ll learn first hand why this dance is so fascinating and versatile as it can be danced to many types of music. Prerequisite: Comfort with Cha Cha basics and partner/dance experience.

October 3rd 

An Intro to Traveling Waltz with Lilli Ann Carey & Igor Laryuhkin

 Waltz is a beautiful romantic music and a dance. Some say they dance a style of dance for the dance, some say they dance for the music — Waltzers dance for both. The music variety is endless from traditional to contemporary. Lilli Ann and Igor will give you a taste of basic backing moves as well as adding handy and useful crossing figures. No need to sit out those wonderful waltzes at dances or weddings. Prerequisites: None

October 10th

Nightclub 2-Step with Sean Donovan & Cathy Footer

Wonderfully smooth and with a versatile, fundamental rhythm, NC2S is popular around Seattle and throughout the dance world. Created by the great Buddy Schwimmer, this sweet dance is suited to a lovely variety of musical styles including Country, R&B, and Pop. We’ll start with an accelerated review of the basic and its variations, then cover a fun repertoire of moves and combinations. Prerequisite: Any level 2 class and/or NC2S dance experience.

*Class Party 10/13

 Fall 2 Class Series (10/24-11/28) Forthcoming