West Coast Swing & Country 2-Step Fusion

with Wren Newman and Scot McKay

Connecting your West Coast Swing and your Country 2-Step to bring something new and exciting to the dance floor.

The Leif Lounge at Leif Erikson Hall, 2245 NW 57th St, Seattle, WA 98107

Wren and Scot will be taking your dance to new fun heights as you learn how to create a fusion of traveling Country 2 Step, and “spotlight” West Coast Swing. You will learn how to combine patterns and movements transitioning between these two dance styles seamlessly, how to use the traveling lane versus the center “spotlight” area of the dance floor, and how to get creative with your partners and the music.

Prerequisites: Understanding of the basics in both dances. WCS: left and right-side pass, sugar push and whip. C2S: Basic rhythm, Inside and outside turns.

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March 18 & 19 Schedule



  • Polishing basic WCS & C2S
  • Transitional moves in WCS & in C2S
  • Lunch is provided with Q&A/Geek talk by Wren & Scot


  • Dance with The Everlovers 7pm
  • Pre-Dance Lesson with Wren & Scot
  • 8pm Dance begins



  • Fusing your WCS and County 2 step We’ll put it all together with lots of instruction, dance practice time, and breaks.



Prior to March 18th: $135 Includes Saturday and Sunday instruction, lunch & the dance Walk-in Registration at the door: $155 (cash or credit) Dance only: $20 at the door

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