Forrobodó June 9th

Nothing will amp up the heat of your dancing like a Latin workshop and on June 9th we are offering two. We begin with Salsa in a Circle or Rueda de Casino conducted by Reinier Valdes and Daniela Gallardo of La Clave Cubana and transition into our second which is an Introduction to Forró with Lara Diniz of Forró in Seattle. Lara hails from a region near Rio de Janeiro and is proficient in many social Brazilian dances like like Samba, Bolera and Zouk, but her love belongs to Forró. This passion is further supported through her connection with En Canto, Seattle’s foremost Forró band. Led by Brazilian-born vocalist Adriana Giordano, this septet consists of musicians who play drums, accordions, flutes, triangles, guitars. The musical outcome can be described as delightful and intoxicating and their sultry rhythms will inspire you. Check out Lara on and  and En Canto at

When: Forrobodo half day event Sunday, June 9th, 3:30-9pm

Where: The Swedish Club, 1920 Dexter Ave N, Seattle 98109

Prerequisite: Rueda de Casino, previous salsa experience and for Forro, partner dance experience


3:30-5:30pm Rueda de Casino Workshop with Reinier Valdes and Daniela Gallardo of La Clave Cubana

6-7pm. Forró workshop with Lara Diniz of Forró in Seattle

7-9pm Sunday evening dance with a live performance of En Canto. Open to the general public.


Both workshops plus admission to listen/dance to En Canto: $35 preregistration, $40 at the door

Rueda de Casino workshop only: $20 preregistration, $30 at the door plus $15 admission for En Canto

Forró workshop only: $20 preregistration, $35 at the door. Admission for En Canto included in both prices for Forro workshop.

En Canto only: $15 at the door. (There is no prepayment option).





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