Year End Gift 2018

Together, we raised $31,338. On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, and over 100 volunteers, we thank you for your remarkable generosity. Your gifts help ensure our programs will remain strong throughout 2019. 

2018 Donors:

Anonymous (4)
Janis Barberis
Marlene Bengeult
Roger Burkhart
Catherine Clemens
George Corley
Terry Cowen
Cheryl Davidson
Diane Day
Roger Eckhardt
Harold Federow
Luann Ferguson
Paul Fuesel
David Gloger
Sharon Hall
Norman Hamer
Mary Lou Harris
Alan Healy
Daniel and Linda Hickey
Andree Hurley
Ellen Jesse
Jennifer Johnson
David Kositsky
James Lavery
Suzanne Lee
Matt Liu
Gayle McKool
Don Morgan
Phil Numoto
Don Plancich
Meredith and David Regal
Sarah Richards
John Sample
Christine Sampson
Beverly Sanders
Vincent Seymour
Michael Stevenson
Barbara and Burr Stewart
Pam Tufts
Don Wick



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