10-class Discount Card

Good for ten 5-week class sessions. Price: $500.

Each class is normally $60. Class card equals $50 per class. Save $10 per class!

The card may be used by up to two people. Eligible names must be submitted at the time the card is purchased.

When you purchase a 10-class discount card, we keep an electronic record at the office.

A 10-class card may be used for any regularly scheduled NW Dance 5-week class, is non-refundable, and expires two years from date of issue.

To sign up for classes using your 10-class card, please contact us to register. Registration using a 10-class card is subject to the same cancellation policies as other registrations.

Rules for use of 10-class cards may be changed at any time. A change of rules affects only those cards purchased after any changes are made, unless the change is beneficial to previous buyers who have classes remaining on a 10-class card.


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Gift Certificates

For your friends and family!

We will send gift certificates to you or the recipient via email.

To pay for classes using a gift certificate, please contact us to register. Gift certificates can also be redeemed in person.

Please select the amount you would like from the drop-down list. If you would like a gift certificate in an amount other than those available below, please contact our office.

Purchase Gift Certificate

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