Volunteer Opportunities


No matter what your skills, you have something valuable to contribute to NW Dance!

Here are our current needs –

Accountant/Bookkeeper – To do our annual tax return.

Board Member – This is a working board.  We don’t have an Executive Director.  Right now the board does that work.  We are looking for folks with organizational, fundraising, event planning and marketing backgrounds to start as ad hoc members and then possibly work up to full membership on the Board of Directors . Working committees include Marketing, Dances, Recruiting, or Fundraising.

Class Coordinator –  the class coordinator works directly with instructors to determine what classes will be offered in any given class session.  Class calendars are planned and promoted well in advance. Class coordinator also coordinates with the class registrars for information tracking and record keeping.

Dancing for the AgesMeet fellow dancers at retirement facilities around the area when live bands/DJs come to play and dance with the residents. This is an extremely rewarding position.

Dance Volunteers –  It takes an army to put on a dance such as setup, decorations, cashiers, shoe checkers, kitchen help and closers. Volunteers gain free access to the dances that they work.

Email Proofer  Proof our weekly email before it is sent out to our membership. Training available in Constant Contact.

LinkedIn Master – create a LinkedIn page and post appropriate volunteer opportunities to LinkedIn.

New Year’s Eve Dance CoordinatorWe need someone to coordinator our NYE dance.  There is already lots of processes and guidelines developed in our first three years’ of dances. The ideal volunteer for this position would have event planning experience, big picture insights and an attention to detail.

Photo Archivist – Develop an archive system for our photos that will allow those who use them to efficiently find what they need.

Dance Class Volunteers Coordinator – to help us balance our classes.

Registrar– Be the voice and face of NW Dance Network at our classes and class party. Take advance registration, staff the registration table at classes and dance party (dance when needed to balance the classes and your other work is already done). Training available.

Teaching Assistant TAs must be able to both Lead and Follow competently, must show they have the personality to effectively work with students and Instructors, and willing to comply with NWD’s Code of Ethics. NWD will encourage qualified TAs to learn to Lead & Follow additional dance styles. Under the direction of the Teaching Assistant Coordinator and the Class Coordinator, the TA assists with classes, dance with students and help to balance classes.  TA’s receive dance dollars in exchange for their service. Upon the publication of class schedules, the TA Coordinator will discuss recommended assignments of TAs with the Class Coordinator. Upon agreement, Class Coordinator will notify Instructors, Class Registrars and Office Manager. After completion of the first class in every class session, Class Coordinator will make a request of the TA Coordinator for Class Volunteers for the remaining classes.  Upon recruitment, the TA Coordinator will notify the Class Coordinator, who will pass along the names to Class Registrars and Office Manager.

Teaching Assistant Coordinator –The TA Coordinator and Class Coordinator will recruit and nominate potential TAs, based upon observance of dancing abilities.  Feedback from the Instructors regarding potential candidates will be  encouraged. TA candidates will be brought into classes as unpaid volunteers, where they can be observed by the TA Coordinator and Instructors. The TA Coordinator will take feedback from the Instructors and decide whether a candidate is qualified and will be invited to become a permanent TA.

Tweet Master –  Help us setup and maintain a Twitter account and post regular tweets.

Web Site Proofer –  We need someone to review the web site to make sure the information in the weekly email and the web site are consistent and get to the bottom of any discrepancies to make sure that both marketing vehicles are correct.


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