Nancy Fry

Nancy Fry discovered her passion for dance in 1981, and has been dancing ever since! She finds great joy in connecting and co-creating with her dance partners on the dance floor, and believes that this special connection is where the magic in partner dancing is found. Over the years, Nancy has enjoyed dancing and teaching a large variety of partner dances. She and her dance partner, Guy Caridi, competed at the 1999 US Open Swing Dance Championships, and they placed in both events in which they competed. One of these awards was for the team competition in which she performed with the Savoy Swing Club Performance Troupe.

Nancy began teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa, and jazz-related swing movement classes with Guy in 1994, with the Seattle Savoy Swing Club, of which she was one of the founding members. Nancy started teaching with NW Dance Network in 2004, where she teaches Swing and many other dance styles. Her teaching focuses on developing that special connection between partners, helping her students to develop the ability to lead and follow, and to communicate through movement while having fun doing it!