Mary Lou Harris

In 1999 my daughter referred me to Living Traditions Dance. She and her husband were taking classes and she told me she thought I would also enjoy taking classes there. I asked her a few times, “What was the name of that place where you take dance lessons?” On April 19, 1999 I went to a LT practice session at Sonny Newman’s Dance Hall. From there I consumed the crowded classes at the Swedish Club taking a minimum of 2 per session and – at one point – 8 classes at a time! It was an amazing opportunity that gave me much that I needed and enjoyed. Eventually, I learned to lead. Walter Dill invited me to be on the transitional Board. He told the others he invited, “Mary Lou is intelligent, articulate and dedicated.” I left the Board after 4 years due to a medical situation. Since that time I served for 9 years on the Condo Board where I live. I have taken classes from many dance teachers and have participated in a wide variety of dances, workshops and other events. Northwest Dance Network has always felt like my “home base.” I want this organization to thrive!