Linda Hickey, Class Coordinator

As a newcomer from the east coast, and with a natural interest in the arts, Linda was immediately drawn to the thriving social dance scene she found here in Seattle. She gladly accepted the opportunity to volunteer as Class Coordinator, enabling her to work closely with the heart of Northwest Dance Network, or more specifically, this organization’s core instructors. Together they strive to offer thoughtful and creative classes and workshops.

Linda has close to 25 years of volunteer/board experience in both the private and public sectors, serving as a Vice President of Fundraising and Special Events. As a volunteer, she also managed and turned around a financially and socially suffering tennis venue. Her professional experience includes working for financial institutions, managing a not for profit community center and teaching as a Business Management adjunct.

Linda has many interests. She loves to cook and finds every opportunity to feed others. She plays the piano and particularly loves the challenges of ragtime with its syncopated rhythm. She and her spouse Dan have been married for 34 years. They have two children, a son and a daughter, both who reside in the Southeast.