Lara Diniz

Lara is from Niterói (Rio de Janeiro state) but learned how to dance Forró in the various forró parties during her time living in São José dos Campos (São Paulo state) where she went to college. Though she studied (and still studies) other Brazilian social dances such as Samba de Gafieira, Bolero and Brazilian Zouk, her favorite is, and always will be, Forró. Lara started teaching in São José dos Campos at her university and even taught it for one year when she was living in South Korea. Shortly after arriving in Seattle, she was hoping to fine tune her Forro from other instructors only to find out that she was actually the most knowledgeable dance instructor (in Seattle) for this style of dance. Lara dances and teaches as a lead and follow and she often teaches at Forro festivals in the U.S.