Bob van Winkle, Treasurer

Bob started dancing in the summer of 2018 after attending a Gator Boy Productions Zydeco dance and learning of NW Dance Network. He attended a dance the following week and this started his real enthusiasm for dancing with NW Dance Network. He has taken numerous classes in Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, Zydeco, and various workshops. He has found the instructors very competent and has enjoyed the positive social environment at the classes and the dances. As he has become more experienced (thanks to the great classes and encouragement by instructors and partners), he finds he really enjoys the many dances offered in Seattle.

He recently retired from a career in the accounting/finance field, having worked in both manufacturing and non-profit organizations. He is pleased to have time to offer his professional skills as Treasurer and to be part of an organization of positive, enthusiastic dancers. He also looks forward to improving his skills and enjoying much more dancing as well as helping the organization grow.