Bob van Winkle, Treasurer

I started dancing in the summer of 2018 after attending a Gator Boy Productions zydeco dance and being told about NWDance. I attended their dance the following week. This started my real enthusiasm with dancing with NW Dance. I have taken numerous classes in swing, waltz, foxtrot, zydeco, and various workshops. I have found the instructors very competent in all my classes and have enjoyed the positive social environment at the classes and the dances. As I am becoming more experienced (thanks to the great classes and encouragement by instructors and partners), I find I really enjoy the many dances offered in Seattle.
I recently retired from a career in the accounting/finance field, having worked in both manufacturing and in non-profit organizations. I am pleased to now have time to offer my skills as treasurer and being part of an organization of very positive, enthusiastic dancers. I also look forward to continuing improving my skills and enjoying much more dancing as well as helping the organization grow.