Lilli Ann & Claire Carey

Lilli Ann Carey found her passion in dance in 1996 and ever since has been finding ways to explore and hone this amazing experience. Lilli Ann has taught locally, nationally and internationally as well as producing a wide variety of … Continued

Guy Caridi

Guy Caridi has been dancing since 1988, performing and choreographing since 1991, and teaching since 1993. He is a founding member of Seattle’s Savoy Swing Club and with his dance partner, Nancy Fry, the first couple from the Pacific Northwest … Continued

Sean (Gator Boy) Donovan

Sean Donovan brings great passion, joy, and excitement to dance and to teaching. Positive and playful, Sean is a creative and effective communicator who focuses on the essence of dance and its power to delight and transform us. Dancing and … Continued

Cathy Footer

Sending her daughter off to college in 2001 left Cathy looking for entertainment and a way to make new friends. The search led to her first dance class (Samba) and a large dance family. Along the way she has learned … Continued

Nancy Fry

Nancy Fry discovered her passion for dance in 1981 and has been dancing ever since. Over the years she has participated in a large variety of partner dances, and enjoys it all. She began teaching Lindy Hop and swing-related jazz … Continued

Naomi Scher

  Naomi Scher, a Nia Black Belt Instructor certified in Nia FreeDance and Nia Moving to Heal blends her lifelong passion for movement, dance and the healing arts with the balanced beauty of Nia, offering an inspiring and joyous full … Continued