Michelle Badion

Michelle Badion has been teaching partner dancing full time in the Seattle area since 1989. She loves to dance, perform, and most of all to teach. She has a way of making dancing accessible and fun for everyone. Michelle specializes … Continued

Guy Caridi

Guy Caridi has been dancing since 1988, performing and choreographing since 1991, and teaching since 1993. He has taught and performed internationally and is well known for his respectful, sensitive, and humorous teaching style. Guy is a founding member of … Continued

Sean (Gator Boy) Donovan

Sean Donovan loves to dance, and it shows with the passion, joy, and excitement he brings to teaching. Positive and playful, Sean is a creative and effective communicator who focuses on the power of dance to delight and transform us. … Continued

Daniela Gallardo

Daniela Gallardo’s love for music and dance also started at an early age. She created her first choreography at age 15 and has been dancing Salsa for over 10 years. The mission of La Clave Cubana is to share the … Continued

John Lozano

Having taught Swing and Blues dances for over 20 years, and on three continents, John is ever ready to share his passion for dance. He’s poured countless hours into his practice and has inspired thousands of people with his dancing … Continued

Scot McKay

Scot began dancing on the country circuit in 2004, and fast became one of the most sought-after leads on the dance floor. He began dancing West Coast Swing in 2008 and started sharing his love of the dance through teaching … Continued

Wren Newman

Wren’s extensive training began early with a childhood of competitive gymnastics. After gymnastics, she devoted herself to various forms of dance before falling in love with West Coast Swing. She dances, teaches, competes and judges at local, national, and international … Continued

Richard Powers

Richard Powers is a full-time instructor in dance history and contemporary social dance forms at Stanford University Dance Division, Department of Theater and Performance Studies. Richard’s principal focus since 1975 has been social dance forms, from the Renaissance to today. … Continued

Naomi Scher

  Naomi Scher, a Nia Black Belt Instructor certified in Nia FreeDance and Nia Moving to Heal blends her lifelong passion for movement, dance, and the healing arts with the balanced beauty of Nia, offering an inspiring and joyous full … Continued

Reinier (Rey) Valdes

Reinier (Rey) Valdes is the founder of La Clave Cubana and along with Daniela Gallardo, are the Co-Directors of their studio located in Seattle. Rey was born in Habana, Cuba, and Daniela, from Mexico. Both have discovered a passion for … Continued