Become a TA

The purpose of our Teaching Assistant (TA) Program is to develop and maintain a group of dedicated dancers who are available to provide individual instruction and feedback to students attending our partner dance classes and workshops. We believe that Northwest Dance Network is unique in this respect.

What Do We Look for in TAs?

We look for participants who have great personal qualities as well as solid dance abilities:

  • TAs are dancers who are skilled in both lead and follow dance roles.
  • TAs are comfortable dancing with students of both genders.
  • TAs connect well with others and are comfortable interacting with lots of different kinds of people.
  • TAs are smiling, outgoing, approachable, nonjudgmental people who have good energy and a positive attitude.
  • TAs are willing to learn and follow Northwest Dance’s approach to teaching.
  • TAs do more than just dance in rotation and give suggestions. Sensitive to new dancers, they understand the value of positive reinforcement and the importance of having fun during the learning experience.


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