A Taste of Seabeck

Saturday, November 6th

Seabeck Dance Camp, our annual fall dance extravaganza on Hood Canal, fell to the pandemic again this year. But we still have our sweet memories: 15 years of fun and community and dancing together.

Well, just for you…we’ve created a tempting little reminder of what we’re all missing: “A Taste of Seabeck”—but in Ballard instead of Kitsap County.

Join us for an afternoon and evening of joyous partner dancing in the spirit of our Seabeck Dance Camp: three workshops topped off by a live-music dance on Saturday, November 6.

• 1pm–2:30pm: “Flavors of West Coast Swing—Something for All of Your Taste Buds,” with Wren Newman and Scot McKay

• 3pm–4:30pm: “Slow Lindy—Bluesy, Sweet, & Savory,” with Guy Caridi and Nancy Fry

• 4:30pm–5pm: Recorded-music practice time, DJ’d by Guy

• 5pm–7pm: Dinner at your leisure in beautiful downtown Ballard. (Check back in 2 weeks for restaurant recommendations on the NW Dance Network website under “Events/”“A Taste of Seabeck.”)

• 7pm–8pm: “A Big Bite of the Blues”—a pre-dance workshop, served up by Sean Donovan

• 8pm–11pm: Live-music dance with The Seattle Houserockers

Location: Leif Erikson Hall, 2245 NW 57th Street, Seattle, 98107

Cost: Pay just $60 for this entire package deal, which gets you both 90-minute workshops, the pre-dance workshop, DJ’d practice time, and the live-music dance that evening! You can’t pass up such an amazing deal!

**Initial registration is limited to 20 leads and 20 follows, so REGISTER NOW to make sure you get a spot!!**