Northwest Dance Network is now using the Amilia platform to register for classes and workshops. Dancers will create their own respective accounts, allowing “shopping cart” registrations, see a calendar of upcoming activities, as well as maintaining a history of classes and workshops attended.

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We are pleased to offer this enhanced process and will be adding additional features in the future.

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  • Payment: $80 payable by card for pre-registration or cash or check at the door
  • Location: Swedish Club, 1920 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
  • Parking: there is upper and lower level parking available which is adjacent to the Swedish Club and additional parking is available across the street.
  • COVID Requirements: mask & proof of vaccination required

Fall 1 Class Series: (9/8 – 10/10)

Sundays (9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10)

with Wren Newman and Scot McKay

3pm • Beginning Swing

Hugely popular, energetic and fun, Swing is a great place to start partner dancing. You’ll learn both single-and triple-time rhythms (for faster and slower music), along with cool moves and partnering fundamentals. For those with experience, consider signing up for role reversal, a wonderful way to gain new insight into your preferred role. Prerequisites: None

4pm • Fun & Fitness Line Dancing

Move your body and uplift your spirit with fun and groovy line dances, where moving as one with a group can lead to a rush of joy and camaraderie. Go solo and refresh and challenge your mind while honing footwork and moves to bolster your partner dance repertoire. This is perfect if you’ve some dance background and/or love to move to the music. Prerequisite: Dance experience helpful

5pm • Country 2-step & Swing 2

Get your honky tonk spirit revvin’, we’re fixin’ to get our juke joint jam on. Country 2-step is experiencing a real burst in popularity – with its stylish look and happy vibe – and is often paired with single-time swing on the dance floor. We’ll rock through some review in the first week or two, then make sure you have some cool transitions and hot moves in your hip pocket to take your 2-step to a whole ’nother level. Prerequisites: Confidence with Country 2-step fundamentals and Swing dance experience


Wednesdays (9/8, 9/15, 9/22, 9/29, 10/6)

with Lilli Ann Carey and Claire Carey

6:30 pm Solo Dance Movement

There’s nothing that feels more natural than moving your body to music!  In this workshop we’ll explore simple, fun movements and styling with no partners that will bring awareness and joy to your whole body – steps, triples, turns, kick, taps, and slides. We will borrow different styling from your favorite dances and put these movements into an easy line dance, building up with additions to the basic movements each week so you can apply what youve learned and strut your stuff.  Steps, turns, kicks and taps – we’ll explore vintage jazz movement from the 20’s-50’s and keep it easy for all ages and all abilities.  This is the perfect first class to get our bodies back to the rhythm and joy of the dance floor!  Prerequisites: Any dance experience.

7:30pm SWING 2: Rewind

Time to get swingin’ again!  After our extended break from partner dancing, let’s start out with a review of some of the essential basic swing moves, and then add some fun new stuff.  It’s the perfect class to emerge from our pandemic cocoons and spread our wings!  Prerequisites: Confidence with triple-time Swing

 8:30pm One-Step (Accelerated)

This dance is both fun and easy to learn, and one of Lilli Ann and Claire’s favorite dances!  One step to each beat of the music, traveling around the dance floor, then moving seamlessly into swing moves, and back into One-Step. It’s sure to become one of your favorite dance styles.  Though this is a beginning-level class, it will move at an intermediate-level pace for more experienced dancers. Prerequisites: Intermediate partner dance experience

*Class Party 10/13


 Fall 2 Class Series (10/24-11/28) Forthcoming