COVID Policy

COVID Policy for In-Person Dances and Classes

NW Dance is committed to making safety paramount for our employees, staff, dancers, musicians, instructors, and volunteers.    We also are also committed to following current CDC recommendations and all local and regional regulations regarding events. 

As such, we will require that all people present at an event must show proof of a final COVID vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to the event. For verification, you need to bring either: 

  1. your CDC COVID vaccination card
  2. a photo of your vaccination card, on your phone, or
  3. a download (also on your phone) of your Washington State Vaccination Record from the state registry, available at  MyIR

This policy will apply to everyone! We are not able to make any exceptions to this policy; you will not be admitted if we cannot verify your COVID vaccination status. Please bring your vaccination verification every time you come to an NDN event! 

We will follow CDC and local recommendations for masking at all our fully-vaccinated events, dances  and classes.   These recommendations can change often, so plan to bring a mask to all NDN events.  Check our website, newsletter or social media posts for details about masking requirements for individual events.  BRING A MASK!

We will use a bracelet system to show that we have verified your vaccination status. In addition, the color of the bracelet will indicate if the person wishes to rotate partners at classes and/or be asked to dance by others at dances. A different color will indicate that the person prefers to dance only within their pod/partnership. These colors may vary, with a description posted at each venue. Please always make your bracelet visible and pay attention to this marker before asking someone to rotate or dance. 

The COVID virus is a worthy foe, and we know that there will likely be changes to some of these policies and procedures as we move through the ongoing pandemic. Know that we are keeping up with the latest recommendations and will inform you of any changes via our website and newsletter.