Several dance instructors at Northwest Dance Network teach our series classes and workshops. In beginning-level series classes, these instructors have help from teaching assistants, who can dance both lead and follow roles and provide class participants with personal guidance as needed. (Information on how to become a TA is available for anyone interested.)

In addition to the dance instructors listed below, a number of other individuals also teach at Northwest Dance events, including the one-hour dance lessons before our dances. Please check individual dances for information on who is teaching pre-dance lessons.

Guy Caridi

Guy Caridi

Guy Caridi has been dancing since 1988, performing and choreographing since 1991, and teaching since 1993. He is a founding member of Seattle’s Savoy Swing Club and with his dance partner, Nancy Fry, the first couple from the Pacific Northwest to teach Lindy Hop and Balboa. He has taught and performed internationally and is well known for his respectful, sensitive, and humorous teaching style. Guy has been artistic director of the Savoy Swing Club Performance Troupe for over fourteen years. In 1999, Guy and Nancy took home trophies in the Lindy Hop and Team divisions at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships in southern California. In total, four of five routines choreographed by Guy were place-winners.

Guy has produced many dance events and shows in Seattle, including “What Is This Thing Called Swing” with The Rhythm Hot Shots from Sweden, “Swingin’ Then, Swingin’ Now!” with the legendary Norma Miller, and the annual Pacific Northwest Lindy Hop Championships (1999-2006).

Guy’s choreography credits for local theaters and schools include State Fair, Oklahoma!, Wizard of Oz, Charleston!, Kilroy Was Here, Music Man, Oliver!, Peter Pan, Anne of Green Gables, Urinetown, Robin Hood: the Legend Continues, The Fantasticks, Beauty and the Beast, A Rock ‘n Roll Midsummer Night’s Dream, Suessical the Musical, High Button Shoes, The Sound of Music, Godspell, and Into the Woods. He also choreographed and was a featured dancer in the 2011 movie Camilla Dickinson.

Alex Crenshaw


Alex Crenshaw began dancing at the ripe old age of 11 with an introduction to Rueda de Casino – a Cuban style salsa dance done in a circle. She quickly ventured into other Latin dance styles including Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Zouk before exploring a multitude of Swing and Ballroom styles. When she was just 15 years old, Alex began teaching her first dance classes and hasn’t looked back.

Now, having recently relocated to Seattle from upstate NY, Alex is enjoying getting to know the local dance communities with a special interest in the Swing and Fusion crowds. In addition to dance, Alex practices partner acrobatics and rides and trains horses. She loves drawing from both of these mediums in her dancing and believes that clear communication and quality of movement are key elements in bringing any partner dance together.

Sean (Gator Boy) Donovan

Sean Donovan

Sean Donovan brings great passion, joy, and excitement to dance and to teaching. Positive and playful, Sean is a creative and effective communicator who focuses on the essence of dance and its power to delight and transform us. Dancing and teaching since 1999, both nationally and in Seattle, Sean has been on staff with Northwest Dance since 2004. In addition to swing (his first love) and zydeco (a passion that prompted numerous learning expeditions to Louisiana and Texas), Sean revels in teaching blues, waltz, Whiskey River jitterbug, country two-step, and cha cha. Emphasizing solid basics, fluid movement, and elemental connection—to ourselves, the music, and our partner—Sean seeks to facilitate dancing ecstasy! More information on Sean at Gator Boy Productions.

Janice Eklund

A long time resident of Port Townsend, Janice learned to dance when Walter Dill and his daughters moved back to PT from Seattle. Shortly thereafter, Janice began a 10 year stint as Walter’s teaching partner locally and on Whidbey Island. For the past several years, Janice has been teaching on her own. For four years she has had the pleasure of teaching various dance classes to students at Oak Harbor College. A firm believer that there is magic in dance, she is thrilled to share that joy with any and all who want to join the dance community.

Cathy Footer

Sending her daughter off to college in 2001 left Cathy looking for entertainment and a way to make new friends. The search led to her first dance class (Samba) and a large dance family. Along the way she has learned social dance skills in Country, Swing, Latin and Ballroom.

One of Cathy’s first instructors, Doug Henry of InStep Dance in Tacoma, WA, invited her to partner with him and was instrumental in her introduction to teaching. The rest they say is history. Over the last 11 years she has had the pleasure of teaching in the Tacoma, Tukwila, Auburn and Seattle areas. “I am excited to be back on staff with the team at Northwest Dance. We’re gonna have some fun!”

Nancy Fry

Nancy Fry

Nancy Fry discovered her passion for dance in 1981 and has been dancing ever since. Over the years she has participated in a large variety of partner dances, and enjoys it all. She began teaching Lindy Hop and swing-related jazz movement classes in 1994 with Seattle’s Savoy Swing Club, for which she was a founding member. At the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships in 1999, she and her dance partner, Guy Caridi, placed in both events in which they competed.

Nancy’s joy on the dance floor is in connecting with her partner, and she believes that this connection is where the magic in partner dancing is to be found. Nancy began teaching swing and waltz with Northwest Dance in 2004, and is happy to be part of this great team. Her teaching focuses on that special connection between partners—helping her students develop the ability to communicate and move together, to lead and follow, while having fun.

Ari Levitt, MD

An incredibly versatile dancer & world-class instructor, Ari is well-known for his fun, energetic, and delightful classes that can’t help but inspire students with a love and passion for dance. He has been teaching and performing nationally, and internationally for over 25 years; is the co-founder and director of “Waltz Week in Vienna”, “Snowflake Blues (Vienna)”,“New Zealand Dance Adventure”, “Heart Sound Fusion”, “Harrison Hot Springs Dance & Spa Retreat”, “Waltz Fest NW”, & “Mexico Dance Week”.

When not dancing, Ari is a physician on faculty at Singularity University’s “Exponential Medicine”, and is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of “Experiential Wellness Medicine” which, among other things, uses dance movement, technique, & connection as a modality for diagnosing and treating patients, and as a greater rubric for motivating healthy behavior & finding balance and joy in life.

John Lozano

Having taught Swing and Blues for over 18 years and on three continents, John is ever ready to share his passion for dance.  John pours many hours each week thinking in-depth on the many aspects of dance.   Like a scientist who looks deeper and deeper into the most fundamental parts of the universe,  John searches deep into the constituent parts of partnered movement to see what can be found within and how can it tinkered with.  Whether he is explaining fundamentals, exploring variations, or expounding theory, his classes are sure to be fun, and insightful.

Scot McKay

Scot began dancing on the country circuit 16 years ago and fast became one of the most sought-after leads on the dance floor. He has been dancing WCS for 12 years and started sharing his love of the dance through teaching 6 years ago.   As a past president of the Seattle Swing Dance club, and current VP, he continues to grow the WCS community with outreach programs geared toward new dancers.

Wren Newman

Wren’s extensive training began early with a childhood of competitive gymnastics. After gymnastics she devoted herself to various forms of dance before falling in love with West Coast Swing. She dances, teaches, competes and judges at local, national and international locations. As a member and former officer of the Seattle Swing Dance Club she helps to foster the local WCS community through social dancing spreading her passion for West Coast Swing to a growing community of dancers.

Dean Paton, Dance Manager

Dean Paton manages our bi-monthly dances. He abandoned the baseball diamond for the dance hall in 1994, and fell so hopelessly in love with waltz that he founded the Valse Café Orchestra, an ensemble committed to the art of playing music for dancers. He teaches waltz and foxtrot classes regularly at Seattle’s Century Ballroom, as well as all manner of dance classes at the Senior Center of West Seattle. He also teaches workshops for NDN and Left Foot Boogie. When he teaches rotary waltz, Dean stresses mastering the core of the dance—turning left, turning right, transitioning between the two—then helps dancers use this foundation as a platform on which to build organic, graceful movement as well as a few elegant moves. Contact the Dance Manager.