Dances and
Dance Classes
in Seattle


Saturday October 19

The Polite Society Jazz Band at Leif Erikson Hall

Saturday November 16

Valse Cafe Orchestra at Leif Erikson Hall

Saturday November 30

Rod Cook and Toast at Leif Erikson Hall

New Year’s Eve Dance/Celebration

Seabeck Dance Camp

Seabeck 14 brings the carefree fun of ‘Spring Break’ to your dance this Fall! Join us for camaraderie, learning, and laughter November 1-4.

Step Up Your Swing!

This year Northwest Dance Network is offering a vast amount of Swing 2 material that we will cover in several sessions. Please consider enrolling in various Swing 2 offerings.


See the Northwest Dance Network calendar for all our scheduled dances, classes, events, and Board of Directors meetings.

Behavior at Dances

We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for dancers of all abilities.

2018 Donors

Thank you to our donors for their generous gifts to Northwest Dance Network.