David (Koz) Kositsky, President

Koz Kositsky

Board director since June 2011, Koz found that the dance community in Seattle was special and he wanted to get involved to give back to it. Returning to dance after many years’ absence, Koz and a friend started taking lessons with several instructors at NW Dance Network: Dean Paton, Susan Balshor, Guy Caridi, Nancy Fry, and Sean Donovan. They inspired him to become a more accomplished dancer. When he’s not dancing, you can find Koz cooking at the grill. He loves to cook and used to own and operate a café and restaurant. Now, he indulges his cooking urges by offering, at auction, elaborate internationally-themed grilled dinners for non-profits around Seattle. He hopes to continue to make new friends on the dance floor and have fun learning more dance steps and techniques.